Salt Floats (Sensory Deprivation)

 A truly unique experience! 

We are  thrilled to be offering the Kirksville community such a valuable tool for pain relief and deep relaxation.  Feel free to watch the following video explaining what flotation therapy/sensory deprivation is all about, and give us a call/text with any other questions or concerns you may have. 

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Salt Float Pricing

Additional Information

Tips for first time floaters:

 - Fill out our intake form online (it should be popping up in the bottom right corner) and read the float pod section
- Do not float if you have dyed your hair recently and cannot yet dry it on a white towel without bleeding color
- Do not shave your legs the day you plan to float. This can sometimes cause a burning sensation in the salty water
- Eat a snack about an hour before floating, to ensure that you  float in complete comfort, and aren't worried about being hungry or digesting any "problem" foods
- Try not to drink caffeine before floating, as it can hinder your ability to completely relax and be calm inside the pod
(also, it increases the chance that you will need to get out to use the restroom)
- You will shower before and after your float session, so don't worry about putting makeup on before you arrive! We provide soap and shampoo, but feel free to bring a hair brush and/or any styling products you may desire to use.

 Who should NOT float?
The above link better explains  the (very few) medical issues mentioned on our waiver in regards to the float pod. If you read it, you may notice that most of them are just being cautious for our sake (liability) and, for the most part, even people with these conditions would most likely benefit from floating. If you speak to your doctor about any concerns and seek approval to float, just explain that it is “cutaneous absorption of magnesium sulfate” 

Sensory deprivation can greatly help with pain relief and mental clarity.
Sensory deprivation can greatly help with pain relief and mental clarity.